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Robot Power MegaMoto Shield

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Tags: motor, control, output, h-bridge
Maker: Robot Power

The MegaMoto is a dual half-bridge circuit that can be configured either has a full H-bridge or as two independent half-bridge circuits. This allows a single MegaMoto to drive one motor with full variable-speed control both forward and reverse. It also allows two independent motors to be controlled in a uni-directional fashion by connecting one side of each motor to the battery negative and the other motor lead to one of the MegaMoto outputs.

Each half-bridge on the MegaMoto is independently controlled so stacking two or three MegaMoto units allows an Arduino to drive three-phase brushless or stepper motors as well as DC brushed motors. Not limited to motors, the MegaMoto can control other DC loads such as lights, solenoids, relays, valves, Peltier junction coolers, Hydrogen generators or basically any DC device within the operating voltage and current range.

Rated at up to 30A at up to 28V.

Open Source: No, not OSHW-compliant
License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
Source: www.robotpower.com/downloads/
License Note: The schematic is provided and includes a note that the design is under CC-BY-NC-SA, but as far as I can see the PCB files have not been released.

D13 / SCK
D12 / MISO
3.3V D10 / SS ~
5V D9 ~
D6 ~
A0D5 ~
A2D3 ~
A4D1 / TX
A5D0 / RX
Pin assignments are jumper selectable so that up to 3 MegaMoto shields can be stacked. The selections shown above are the default as shown in the Maker's product photo.

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