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John Liu Phi-2 Shield

Photo: John Liu

Shield URL: Phi-2 Shield
Maker: John Liu

16X2 LCD or 20X4 LCD (2004 model) character display with additional features.

  • 6 push buttons: four arranged like a control pad with four as arrow keys and two more on the side.
  • 2 RJ45 ports to pass as many as 16 long and robust connections to sensors or control devices.
  • Optional buzzer in place of an RJ45 for tones. You can connect any arduino pin to the buzzer.
  • Optional sensor block to sense most common sensors, such as thermistors for temperature, resistive pressure sensors, light-dependent resistor for light, Hall effect magnetic sensors etc. You can connect any arduino pin to the buzzer.
  • Two 3mm LEDs as indicators. You are free to choose which arduino pin to drive the LEDs with.
  • Real time clock with battery backup keeps the time when Arduino is turned off
  • EEPROM for easy data logging keeps data when Arduino is turned off
  • GPS connector and breakout for a GPS module
  • Reset button for Arduino
  • All Arduino pins are brought out for maximal flexibility.

The I2C bus is not tied to analog pins 4 and 5 but brought next to them, so that the shield can be used with either Uno-compatible boards or Mega-compatible boards by jumpering to the appropriate connection.

Open Source: No, not OSHW-compliant
License: Proprietary / closed source
Source: Unknown

D13 / SCK
D12 / MISO
3.3V D10 / SS ~
5V D9 ~
D6 ~
A0D5 ~
A2D3 ~
A4D1 / TX
A5D0 / RX

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